If your importer has a continuous bond, the bond covers both the entry and the ISF. However, for those importers that do not have a continuous bond, we need to purchase an ISF bond on behalf of the importer in order to transmit the ISF to Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Fortunately, like most things we do, the ISF bond acquisition is automated and should only take a few minutes. Therefore, after submitting your ISF on the INLT Inc. platform, you might find your ISF in an "acquiring ISF bond" status. This simply means that the gears are turning behind the scenes. If the status doesn't change after a few minutes, one of the following issues probably exists:

  1. The ISF is late (i.e., filed after vessel departure) and the bond cannot be underwritten without indemnification

  2. The importer's tax ID has been voided by CBP and needs to be reinstated

  3. There is an outage at CBP that is affecting the CBP Form 5106 submission for new importers

If you think one of the error conditions described above is affecting your ISF, please contact support@inlt.com for immediate resolution.

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