If your continuous bond was underwritten by Navigators Insurance Co. (050) or American Alternative Insurance (036), there's a good chance we can seamlessly transition the bond to INLT Inc. with a simple "broker of record change" letter. To complete the letter, copy and paste the below information onto the importer's letterhead, sign, and send to support@inlt.com.


[importer name]
[bond number]
[importer tax ID number]

To Whom It May Concern,

Be advised that, effective [today's date], we have appointed INLT Inc, located at at 448 N. 10th St. in Philadelphia, PA 19123 to act as our broker of record for all matters pertaining to surety obligations. We understand there is a waiting period of 10 days for this appointment to be effective. By checking below, we request the waiting period be waived.

✅ Please waive any waiting period in recognizing and implementing this broker appointment.

This appointment shall remain in force and effect until notification in writing to the contrary is received by you. This appointment supersedes all other appointments and all other letters of authorization on record. Please render our new broker any assistance they may request on our behalf.


[authorized signature of principal or corporate officer]
[printed name and title]

If you're not sure which surety has underwritten the bond, check the Bond Info card their profile.

If the bond is underwritten by any other surety, kindly request that the bond is terminated. Once the termination is filed by the current provider, we can renew the bond for the very next day without interruption. You can request a new bond by completing our online application at the link below.

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