In order to be recognized by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), your ISF must be accepted with a bill of lading match. If there is no match, there is no ISF.

Here are some guidelines to ensure you get a match every time:

  1. The bill of lading must be reported at the lowest level. Meaning, if there is a house bill in AMS, the house bill must be entered in the ISF.
  2. When entering either a master or house bill of lading in our app, make sure you also enter it with the carrier's SCAC. Any discrepancy will prevent a match from occurring.
  3. If you're unsure how the bill of lading was entered in AMS, perform an AMS query from our app or consult the steamship line or NVOCC.
  4. If you don't receive an immediate match, check the vessel departure date. If the vessel isn't departing for 2 or 3 days, you might have filed your ISF before the carrier or NVOCC filed AMS. Be patient and check again later in the day.

Rest assured that we're monitoring ISFs that fail to find a match after 24 hours. However, given the time sensitive nature of ISF, you are encouraged to do everything you can to obtain a match the first time.

If you have any questions, please contact for assistance.

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