We labeled our search tool a "universal search" because you can use it to locate almost any record on our platform, such as bills of lading, container numbers, suppliers, product codes, HTS numbers, invoices, and much more.

Here are some tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of this tool:

  • The search is not case sensitive.

  • Precede your search with the first few letters of the category your searching, followed by a colon. For example, if you're searching for something in a shipment, type "sh:" followed by whatever you're looking for a bill of lading number, container number, or the like (note: "ship:" or "shipment:" would also work). Likewise, if you're a forwarder and attempting to locate an importer, begin your search with "im:" followed by the importer's name.

  • The asterisk (*) is a wildcard, meaning you can begin or end a search with an asterisk to locate all records beginning or ending with the text you entered.

  • If you still cant find what you need, surround your search with double quotes to find an exact text match.

  • The clock icon to the right of the input bubble will display the last 10 records you visited.

  • Press enter after enter your desired search to view all results broken down by category.

You can also use the universal search to lookup HTS numbers and the associated duty rates and import requirements!

If you have any questions about the universal search, or need to locate something our search isn't able to support, please contact us at support@inlt.com for assistance.

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