How an entry gets cancelled

If you need your entry cancelled, here are some guidelines and expectations to make the process a little smoother

Written by Vanna Wong
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Entries are cancelled for a variety of reasons, but most commonly due to (1) a change in importer of record or (2) a change in port of entry. For whatever reason, CBP does not allow us to amend these data elements on an existing entry.

For example, the goods might be sold or re-sold in transit and the importer of record will change. Likewise, your shipment might discharge at another port due to fire, hurricane, or port strike. When this happens, we need to cancel and replace your entry.

The process is fairly straightforward, but far from automated. It looks like this:

  1. The replacement entry is filed.

  2. Transmit the cancellation request to CBP via ABI; the request will include a reference to the replacement entry number and will require CBP review before it is accepted. (note: if the reason for the cancellation is that another broker filed the entry, we need a copy of their CBP Form 7501)

  3. To expedite the review process, INLT Inc. will upload documents to the CBP Document Image System (DIS).

  4. In our experience, the review process takes approximately 24 hours. However, some CBP personnel will tell you that it might take them up to 5 days to process a cancellation.

  5. When the cancellation request is approved, the replacement entry is fully released and the goods are made available for pickup, assuming all other costs are settled.

By contacting port personnel daily by phone and email, the INLT Inc. operations team works hard to expedite every cancellation request. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact

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