The ACE Portal took its lumps in the early days. Data was limited, the interface was clunky and difficult to navigate, and reports took an eternity to run. It took a little while to "get legs" and offer actionable information to importers, but we're there now and we think every importer should have access. Among other benefits, direct payers can run their Periodic Monthly Statement to verify the amount being debited from your account each month.

Before getting started, you should confirm that your organization doesn't already have an account by contacting ACE Support at or (866) 530-4172. Be prepared to provide your Federal Tax ID number.

  1. Open the application here.

  2. Complete this form in Adobe so you can use the "Submit by E-Mail" option at the end of the form. This is the easiest way to submit.

  3. In Section A. Account Information enter your company information, fiscal year end date, name of a company officer, title of that officer, your company's organizational structure, and the officer's date of birth.

  4. Still on page 2, in Section 1. Importer/Broker/Filer/Surety, identify your organization as an importer by choosing the first bubble next to the "P" and enter your IR#, which is your Federal Tax ID number.

  5. Skip all the way down to page 5 and complete Part 2. Legal Entity by entering your organization's information and Point of Contact by entering your personal information as the account owner.

  6. Execute Section D. Authorization and Acknowledgement in its entirety. Both you, the account owner, and the aforementioned officer, need to acknowledge by checking the respective boxes.

  7. Click "Submit by E-Mail" at the bottom of page 6.

If any information was overlooked, CBP will contact the account owner to remedy and resubmit. If you have any questions or challenges submitting this application, do not hesitate to contact us at

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