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Drag and drop your documents directly from Outlook
Drag and drop your documents directly from Outlook
Written by Vanna Wong
Updated over a week ago

Those of you who have been using our system are keenly aware that we are determined to replace emails and faxes with a more efficient means of communication. One of these means is to allow importers and forwarders to upload their documents by dragging and dropping them from their PC. More commonly, our clients are asking to drag and drop those documents from Outlook or their email client, negating the need to save them to their PC first.  For Edge and Internet Explorer users, this works without interruption. However, for Chrome users, which is also our preferred browser, the rift between Microsoft and Google makes this complicated.

The challenge here rests with Outlook and how their attachments work. Without getting overly technical, the browser upload relies on the file being on your disk, but the email attachment is only a preview of the file, lacking the properties needed to perform the upload. To correct this, you need the write the item to a temporary .msg file when initiating the drop.

Fortunately, there are Outlook plugins that you can install to make this happen fairly easily. Most of them cost about $30 per person, but there are a few open source versions available at no cost. We're offering a few of these services below, install any non-authorized version at your own risk.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

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