The U.S Trade Representative issued full or partial exemptions for 22 10-digit tariff subheadings in February 2019. The product exclusions apply retroactively as of July 6, the date the first set of tariffs took effect.

Unlike exclusions from Section 232 duties, all importers may take advantage of the Section 301 tariffs, not just those that filed the exclusion requests.

Fully exempt

The following products are fully exempt from Section 301 duties.

  • 8412.21.0045 (hydraulic power engines with telescoping linear acting cylinders)
  • 8412.21.0075 (hydraulic power engines)
  • 8418.69.0120 (drinking water coolers)
  • 8430.31.0040 (rock breaking machines)
  • 8480.71.8045 (injection molds)
  • 8482.10.5044 (radial bearings)
  • 8482.10.5048 (radial bearings)
  • 8482.10.5052 (radial bearings)
  • 8525.60.1010 (CB radio transceivers)
  • 8607.21.1000 (air brake parts for railway or tramway coaches and freight cars)

Partial exemptions

Partial exemptions must meet the additional requirements of product descriptions included in an annex to USTR’s notice.

  • Outboard marine engines of 8407.21.0080
  • Salad spinners of 8421.19.0000
  • Water filtration apparatus of 8421.21.0000
  • Winches of 8425.39.0100
  • Elevators of 8428.32.0000
  • Belt conveyors of 8428.33.0000
  • Papermaking machinery and components found in subheadings 8419.90.2000, 8420.10.9080, 8439.99.1000 and 8439.99.1000
  • Workstands for miter saws of subheading 8466.92.5010
  • Angle cock handle assemblies of 8481.90.9040
  • Radiation therapy systems of subheading 9022.14.0000
  • Thermostats for HVAC systems of subheading 9032.10.0030
  • Submersible centrifugal pumps, each powered by 36 V motor (described in 8413.70.2004)
  • Breast pumps, whether or not with accessories or batteries (described in 8413.81.0040)
  • Impeller housings of cast iron (described in statistical reporting number 8413.91.9095, effective January 1, 2019; described in statistical reporting number 8413.91.9080, effective prior to January 1, 2019)
  • Impellers of plastic designed for centrifugal pumps, each of the foregoing with outside diameter of 73 mm or more but not more than 74 mm (described in statistical reporting number 8413.91.9095, effective January 1, 2019; described in statistical reporting number 8413.91.9080, effective prior to January 1, 2019)
  • Compressor housings designed for turbochargers (described in statistical reporting number 8414.90.4165)
  • Salad spinners, of plastics, not electronically powered (described in statistical reporting number 8421.19.0000)
  • Machinery for filtering water, submersible, powered by batteries, manually operated, such machinery designed for use in pools, basins, aquariums, spas or similar contained bodies of water (described in statistical reporting number 8421.21.0000)
  • Machinery designed for removing waste from water in saltwater aquariums by injecting air bubbles then filtering such bubbles (described in statistical reporting number 8421.21.0000)
  • Electronic water oxidizers designed for purifying water for household washing machines (described in statistical reporting number 8421.21.0000)
  • Hand-held ultraviolet water purifiers, powered by batteries (described in statistical reporting number 8421.21.0000)
  • Filters designed to remove sulfites from wine (described in statistical reporting number 8421.22.0000)
  • Filter housings, covers, or couplings, the foregoing of steel and comprising parts of machinery or apparatus for filtering liquids (described in statistical reporting number 8421.99.0040)
  • Steel L-shaped bucket elevators, each comprising steel buckets bolted to a steel chain with guide wires and drive system (described in statistical reporting number 8428.32.0000)
  • Vulcanized rubber tracks, each incorporating cords and cleats of steel, designed for use on construction equipment (described in statistical reporting number 8431.49.9095)
  • Rotors designed to agitate paper and water into pulp, of stainless steel, the foregoing comprising parts of machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic materials (described in statistical reporting number 8439.91.9000)
  • Automated data processing storage units (other than magnetic disk drive units), not assembled in cabinets for placing on a table or similar place, not presented with any other unit of a system (described in statistical reporting number 8471.70.6000)
  • Bituminous pavers, self-propelled, each with a weight exceeding 14.9 metric tons but not exceeding 18.2 metric tons, with working width of 2.4 m or more but not over 8.6 m (described in statistical reporting number 8479.10.0060)
  • Check valves, of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), each weighing 120 g or less (described in statistical reporting number 8481.30.9000)
  • Check valves, of plastics (described in statistical reporting number 8481.30.9000)
  • Electric motors, AC, permanent split capacitor type, each in a housing with outside diameter of 84 mm or less, with output of 6 W or more but not exceeding 16 W (described in statistical reporting number 8501.10.4020)
  • DC motors rated at 739.6 W, each with a housing with external diameter of 85 mm or more but not exceeding 90 mm and weight of257 g or less (described in statistical reporting number 8501.31.5000)
  • Electrical transformers, each with a power handling capacity rating of 1.8 kVA, with external dimensions measuring approximately 13.3 em by 12.7 em by 11.4 em (described in statistical reporting number 8504.32.0000)
  • Battery powered soldering irons or soldering guns, not over 18 em in length (described in statistical reporting number 8515.11.0000)
  • Knobs of injection molded plastics (described in statistical reporting number 8538.90.6000)
  • Molybdenum foil filament assemblies, designed for use in ultraviolet lamps (described in statistical reporting number 8539.90.0000)
  • Thin-film-transistor, light-emitting diode (LED) backlit flat panel liquid crystal display modules, each with an aluminum bezel and a video display diagonal measuring 113 mm or more but not over 339 mm (described in statistical reporting number 9013.80.7000)
  • Depth-sounding apparatus with digital display, each designed for installation in a 63.5 mm hole in dashboard, designed for recreational boating use (described in statistical reporting number 9014.80.2000)
  • Restraint packs designed for use with chest compressors, each containing one torso restraint, consisting of a cotton strap which fastens with hook and loop fasteners to the compressor, and one cover for a head stabilizer (described in statistical reporting number 9018.90.7580)
  • Inoculator sets of plastics, each consisting of a plate with multiple wells, a display tray, and a lid; when assembled, the set measuring 105 mm or more but not exceeding 108 mm in width, 138 mm or more but not exceeding 140 mm in depth, and 6.5 mm or less in thickness (described in statisticalreporting number 9027.90.5650)
  • Tuners designed to clip onto musical instruments and indicate whether the instrument is in tune (described in statistical reporting number 9031.80.8085)

New subheading 9903.88.05 will be used for these products, as well as others excluded from the first tranche of Section 301 tariffs (i.e., those that would otherwise be covered by subheading 9903.88.01).

In order to request a refund for duties already paid, a Post Summary Correction will need to be filed. Our professional services team is standing by to assist you with refund processing (whether or not we filed the entry). Please contact us at for guidance.

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