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Viewing and creating shipments
Viewing and creating shipments
Written by Vanna Wong
Updated over a week ago

Your ability to view and track shipments is the cornerstone of our platform. All shipments are displayed in the shipments module. A shipment that has been released for 30 days will automatically be deemed complete, so you will need to click the “Show Complete” toggle at the bottom of your screen to view those. Single-click on any entry to view additional information or retrieve associated documents.

To create a new shipment, follow the below instructions. When you do so, our team is notified of the newly created shipment, replacing the need for you to email any documents. Let’s get started.

  1. Select "Shipments" from the vertical menu on the left side of your screen

  2. Click "New" at the upper right and select the appropriate mode of transport

  3. Select the importer from the drop-down menu and click "Create"

  4. If "Ocean" is selected, you will be prompted to file ISF; if the ISF has already been filed by another provider, select "ISF already filed" at the upper right

  5. Upload the documents by clicking inside the box or simply drag and drop them from your PC

  6. If desired, assign forwarders or agents by clicking the "Agents" tag at the top of the screen

  7. Once finished, click "Ready for entry" at the upper right and the shipment will land in our queue for immediate filing

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