Many forwarders still get their ISF data from a template, from their agents or overseas offices, then re-key the data or forward it to a broker. Delays, errors, potential fines, and high cost are all problems with this process.

We now have an INLT template that you can provide to all stakeholders that maps into our system, so you never have to key in an ISF again!

  1. Download the template on the ISF page.

  2. Add your logo to customize it, if you so desire, but do not change anything else on the template!

  3. Circulate the template to all internal and external stakeholders letting them know, "this is our new ISF template, please do not change any fields, just add your inputs."

  4. Upload the template on the ISF page, wait a few seconds, review, and submit!

  5. BOOM, fast, free, ISF filing just got faster—go take a walk around the block now and celebrate 👏.

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